There is a bright space with…


18 ft. high ceilings,

1000 sq. ft. floor space,

and an oasis as lounging area high up in the sky surrounded by palm trees and live plants…

This is the place where people are gathering for photo shoots, video production and small events. They adore the brightness coming from the skylights and reflecting from the white surfaces all over.

There is a stainless steel make-up table with built in mirror and a rolling wardrobe rack to ease the work of the photo crews...

And photo equipment is available for rent in house, including seamless paper and Elinchrom lights, and for all the inquiries we can’t fulfill, there are rental houses nearby.

It has an elevated client space separated from the main / shooting area by a rail and lush vegetation.

The kitchen includes brand new appliances ready for a well versed food stylist or chef to use them.

Full A/V with HD projector is available on-site as well.

Pricing starts from;

$400 for a half day (4 hours)


$800 for a full day (10 hours)


We can also offer custom rates for some rentals, don’t hesitate to shoot us a message!